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Popgun Presents


This month's guest playlist comes to us from Popgun, a name that has been a mainstay of shows in NYC since its inception in 2008 by founders Jake Rosenthal & Rami Haykal. For years Popgun was most closely associated with Glasslands Gallery, the now-defunct & well-mourned Williamsburg venue where the two took up booking duties a year into their endeavors. In the following years they established themselves as a booking powerhouse on the pre-"revitalized" Kent Avenue and hosted endless quality bands like MGMT, TV On The Radio & Yeasayer until the venue's unfortunate closing in 2014.

After the demise of Glasslands, Popgun's influence saw greater expansion beyond those four walls after taking on the talents of Dhruv Chopra & Mandy Brownholtz. Now you'll find the Popgun Presents name just about everywhere in NYC, from Redbull Sound Select & Le Poisson Rouge to...Shea Stadium of course, bringing bands like Potty Mouth, Wavves & Fidlar to our stage.

Most important though is that despite Popgun's success they remain involved on the DIY level & still make a point of supporting small, upcoming acts. And so we proudly present their picks from our archives - coming straight from the people who have been showing you great bands for years.