Chris Gethard (Podcast!)


This month on the podcast the Shea crew sits down with comedian Chris Gethard to discuss New Jersey punk, the early days of the Chris Gethard Show, the DIY basketball league & more - and listen to his favorite tracks from the live archives. Hosted by Luke Chiaruttini, Adam Reich & Nora Dabdoub. Intro & outro themes by Emma Witmer of gobbinjr.

See the Morrissey photo referenced by Chris here


Sadie Dupuis (Podcast!)

New podcast! The Shea crew sits down with Sadie Dupuis of bands Speedy Ortiz & Sad13 to talk about hating on your parents music, kids classic Blank Check, Downtown Boys, the joy of popping blackheads & more. Hosted by Luke Chiaruttini & Nora Dabdoub, theme music by Emma Witmer of gobbinjr. - Listen here!


Becca Ryskalcyzk (Podcast!)

New podcast! We sit down with Becca Ryskalcyzk of Brooklyn band Bethlehem Steel to talk about her roots in upstate New York, her aspirations to construct some unconventional dwellings & which midwestern state she may be banned from. Hosted by Luke Chiaruttini, theme music by Emma Witmer of gobbinjr


Becca Kauffman (Podcast!)

This month on the podcast we're joined by Becca Kauffman of Ava Luna, Jennifer Vanilla & countless other projects to listen to her favorite tracks in our live archives and dig deep into her own views on her own work. Hosted by Luke Chiaruttini and Nora Dabdoub. Intro and outro theme by Emma Witmer of gobbinjr. Distributed by Art International Radio / Clocktower NYC. Photo credit: Mika Altskan


Tyler Richman (AdHoc)

Tyler Richman knows this town inside & out. And you know Tyler Richman. No really, even if you think you don't, you do.

If you manage a venue she's the one getting in touch about dates, if you're in a band she's the one with your door money at the end of the night, and if you just go to shows she's the one curating em. Tyler's one of the toppest dogs at the highly respected AdHoc putting together & overseeing some of the most widely revered bills in the city. And after recently branching out to managing acts like LVL UP, Girlpool & Alex G it's only a matter of time before she starts emailing and negotiating with herself.

So for someone so steeped in the biz it's no surprise that Tyler's playlist is straight fire - take a listen and hear the best of our archives as curated by someone who lives, breathes, and very possibly eats live music.
- Luke Chiaruttini