Katie Capri (Podcast!)

New podcast! This month Nora & Luke sit down with Katie Capri of Fern Mayo to discuss the history of the band, Capri's writing techniques and what inspired her to move from her writing career to a life in music. (Photo by Andrew Piccone)


Katie Holliday (Podcast!)

New podcast! Luke, Nora & Jane sit down with Katie Holliday of The Silent Barn, Hear.Say.Press & Bannerboy Topics discussed include her upbringing in Lousiana Mississippi, moving to NYC, and collegiate misadventures, as well as the challenges of PR and management for small independent bands


Julian Fader (Podcast!)

Luke & Jane sit down with Julian Fader, drummer of Brooklyn-based band Ava Luna and co-proprietor of Silent Barn's Gravesend Recordings Studio, to revisit his 2013 picks, talk about the serpentine history of the band, the advantages afforded to young musicians today, and some schemes for his next solo record.

This episode of Sheananigans was hosted by Luke Chiaruttini, engineered by Jane Wiseheart, and produced by Nora Dabdoub. Intro/outro themes by Emma Witmer of the solo recording artist/multi-member band gobbinjr. Photo by Nicholas Hen.


Edwina Hay & Eric Phipps

"Edwina Hay +1" "Eric Phipps". These two names are essentially famous to the door staff in a lot of NYC venues. But these aren't the names of label managers or effusive socialites that typically clog up guest lists around the city on any given night . Nay, these two are artists themselves.

Photographers to be exact, with an expertise in capturing those special fleeting moments of time that make you realize "man, I really should have gone to show." The duo are most closely tied to Impose Magazine, where both have served as long-time photo editors & still regularly contribute pieces to the site. As enterprising as these two are though, you'll also find their work in publications like The Village Voice, Gothamist & Spin. The two have been involved in concert photography for longer than most still-extant DIY have been around (Edwina's been at it since 1999) and their work documenting is obviously a labor close to our heart.

Flip through their portfolios as you listen to their picks and relive some of those legendary nights, or feel that sting knowing that you missed it. Either way, Edwina, Eric, & Shea are here to make sure those moments live on.
-Luke Chiaruttini

Edwina's picks 1 - 11, Eric's picks 12 - 22