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Ask anyone about Palm's live show and unanimously the response will be that there's nothing like it. Whether you've seen them two times or twenty times, after their set is done you're left trying to catch your breath and scrambling to figure out when you'll see them next.

Palm is as prolific as they are inventive; at any given show you're likely to hear cuts from their full length debut "Trading Basics" alongside brand new tracks they wrote two weeks ago. The most predictable thing about Palm is the top notch quality of every song - you can always count on that, but it's impossible to predict much else about them. Musically they're incredibly erratic, jumping from time signature to time signature and from idea to idea with mechanical precision. Lead guitarists + vocalists Eve and Kasra trade off sharp atonal guitar spasms, crafting complex dirges fit for a futuristic chrome landscape. Drummer Hugo and bassist Gerry are the steadfast glue to the music, locking down some tightly controlled and mesmerizing grooves but occasionally pulling the rug out from under things and devolving into a quick noise jam.

Seconds later the controls are tightened again and things return to a relative normalcy, although few people would describe Palm's music as "normal". At times watching them feels almost supernatural - the intense connection between each member is what allows the music to be so tight. Everyone's totally in sync with each other - Eve and Kasra spend more time communicating via glances and nods than they spend even looking at the audience. Palm is a well oiled machine running at peak efficiency, and you'd do well to catch them at a show as soon as possible to witness the magic they're creating.
- Connor Rush